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"Recalling My Ancestral Memory: Only The Blameless Will Enter" by Christopher R. Cook

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Excerpts from the book by Christopher R. Cook -

CHAPTER ONE: UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES: For the purpose of initiation, I have set forth three (3) principles: 1) Cause and Effect Energy comes first and is the cause. Physical expression comes second and is the effect. 2) Is and Not The place of energy is sustained in perpetuity and therefore exists. This place henceforth will be referred to as the 'Is-Here' place. The place of physical expression is subject to entropy and therefore does not exist. This place henceforth will be referred to as the 'Not-There' place. 3) Inter-Course These two (2) spheres, energy and physical, are inter-coursing with one another while remaining distinct from one another. Physical expression is containing energy while energy is imbueing physical expression with the life from perpetuity. Apart from energy, physical expression is without life. Apart from physical expression, energy is one without measure and without measure there is no experience. CHAPTER TWO: ATTENTION ENERGY: The energy that imbues physical expression will henceforth be referred to as attention energy. !HRAA! - Attention energy has no other course of action but to return to its place of origin, forever and eternity. At inception into physical form, I am full to the brim with attention energy. This fullness of energy feels exceedingly joyful. I, therefore, experience my attention energy as e-motion (energy-in-motion). In the course of operation, attention energy goes out and returns carrying emotional information. When the emotional information is painful or discomforting and I choose not to accept experiencing the emotion then the attention energy is stuck outside of my physical expression and held in the object of an-other physical expression by my utilization of the mechanism of blame. Although, in order to not experience my painful or discomforting feeling, I have blamed someone or something else for the way I feel, I have done this action out of fear. This fear action has many consequences, both internally and externally. CHAPTER THREE: INTERNAL CONSEQUENCES: Imagine the energy imbueing the physical expression, full to the brim, as a thermometer. Each degree of the thermometer represents a state of emotional being. The middle degree seperating the upper-half from the lower-half is boredom. The upper-half consists of joyful and comforting feelings. The lower-half consists of painful and discomforting feelings. When my energy gets stuck outside of my physical expression, the fullness of my energy thermometer is diminished. As the energy filling my physical expression is diminished my emotional state of being drops from joys and comforts to pains and discomforts such as sadness, depression, anger and grief. Where the energy is absent in the physical expression a Void appears. A Not-Being enters into this Void space to reside. THE NOT-BEING OF THE VOID: The Not-Being of the Void must maintain it's abode which is the Void. In order to accomplish this goal, the Not-Being hijacks my brain by which to encourage me to blame other physical expressions for the emotional information being returned by my attention energy. In this way, my attention energy never returns to fill up the Void and expel the Not-Being. The Not-Being of the Void also requires energy to feed on. It cannot feed on my energy because if my energy returns, the Void will be filled and the Not-Being will be expelled. In order to accomplish this, the Not-Being (by hijacking my brain) encourages me to blame those who will, in reacting, blame me back. When someone else blames me for the emotional information carried by their attention energy then they are holding their attention energy in my physical expression where the Not-Being of the Void is able to feed on their energy without displacing it's Void. CHAPTER FOUR: EXTERNAL CONSEQUENCES: When I blame someone or something else form the way I feel, two (2) things result: 1) My energy is diminished which results in me experiencing a lower state of emotional being. 2) My attention energy has no other course of action but to return to its place of origin, forever and eternity. Rather than experiencing the painful and discomforting emotional information being returned by my attention energy for a short period of time until it is fully felt and cleared, I, instead, by blaming, end up experiencing am painful and discomforting state of emotional being over a prolonged period of time. Even if I never again encounter the person or thing which I have blamed, in this physical life span, my attention energy carrying the emotional information has no other course of action but to return to its place of origin, which is me. The attention energy carrying the emotional information continues to imbue other physical expressions to bring itself back to my attention for acceptance. My attention energy will come back to me over and over again in the forms of different people and events of greater intensity until I accept experiencing the emotional information it is carrying. If my physical expression ceases to function before I have accepted all my attention energy back, it will still return. Without my physical shell the attention energy returning will instantaneously manifest the emotional information which I fear, forever and eternity, until I accept experiencing the feelings without blaming and this is truly hellish state of being. !BOO! continue next chapter....

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