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Some Storms Travel Far, Fading Out Into The Atmosphere

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The sun brings comfort, and fulfillment upon the earth, for and to the people also. [2*18*21^11 The many things that brings us that special warmth within our hearts, please use this moment to ponder upon the creativeness that's directly given by God, traveling within our hearts. Please Proceed : Prayers -n- wishes is to do all you can in assisting them to coming true, apart of that is to believe and have faith in the Creator's words, I will never forsaken you. I don't know about you but this is what I do, I pray and await patiently for His guidance. You see, my faith is the foundation not built on doubt, or inherited beliefs of another persons thoughts. God has millions of ways in seeing to the success of His plans to and for everything He has created. All prayers and guidance come with knowledge and understanding, the answers as the given blessings of sharing. Being mindful is an in planted directive law given within our hearts. Being creative is to direct your thoughts in a successful fashion to all opportunities, or problems. God, has used me and many others as an example of all the good He has given, and continues to give to all of His creation. To know truth is to be intoned within your heart, no lies come from there, but our thoughts in our minds will and do play tricks on us, only if were not on truth.

God, has place His love within my heart giving me sound knowledge, understanding and the opportunities to becoming a man working with the life tools of patience, integrity, honesty given, respecting myself and others. I have been awarded a mustered seed of peace, happiness, and joy within myself. I'm also down with "the good looking out policy," it's never just about me or you. Meaning Of ~ "The good looking out policy" is to Assist a person with a need, or to assist in solving a problem for another person. It's the given law of this policy that you not ask for anykind of a kick back, what you have done is a direct order from your heart, created spontaneously and is to be keep between you and God only. I'm rich, and very thankful for all I have, and given. pray and have faith, and belief in your prayers and yourself, and pondering upon creation brings answers and joy of such beautifications thats given....THEEND... Take Care. [The Best Knowledge Is Shared]. To Love and Care Is Seen Through Your Actions and Words, many times done without thinking ~ Spontaneously they call that act. To Do Nothing, Is Your Choice Of Being Rich Within A Waste Of Time,That's Given Of The Gaining Of Nothing, That's How You Get Nothing. Allowing yourself, or others to waste your time is not cool or a good thing to be apart of. We all will be called upon by God, as He see fit, what you do today is the paving of the direction you will travel in the hereafter. So ask yourself, what have I given*?* Thats going to keep me alive within other peoples heart, when God calls on me there will be no delays or time to make good of what you should of being doing. Take Care, and travel safety. $"Anderson288318.

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