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# I'm A Put You On

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

The best part will be, the deliverance of truth, weak

Thoughts gets no airtime in my life.

Oh yes, once again people, the "Knowledgeable" are

an investment that works for you at all times.

Buckle up, we riding out on the facts of choice

that you have within your thought process.

Wow, I love subjects that holds the type of hidden powers

that promotes successful changes within ourselves.

People, do the mathematics, you'll win the rights of sharing truth, that's like making someone smile or laugh that thought they was having a bad day, it's really about you making a real difference, and to share is the golden key

1.) Thought 2.) Feeling 3.) Behavior.

You have a thought.

This thought leads to a feeling, which then lead to various types of behavior, you making the decision, it'll be either 1, 2, or 3. It's no such thing as #4 or so on.

For example, Bonolito had a thought " I couldn't possible feel grateful. My job is boring." As time went by, many coworkers of his got layed off, and was having a hard time paying bills and living life, so now Bonolito is very thankful for having a job that provides for his family.

As I have stated, many of our thoughts should never get airtime.

Some new situations that arises in life will bring you to think in better fashions, to do so it's a must that you control the power of which thoughts deserve


Notice, however, that there is a space between thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

The spaces represent where your potential wisdom lies.

But if your not careful, those spaces can easily become your source

of insanity.

There's a moment after each thought, and between a series of thoughts, that gives you the opportunity to respond or not respond to what just occurred.

if you respond unconsciously it'll be with a feeling, if you label that new thought with seriousness, you'll act in the "right now" fashion.

Are you that person that acts on each thought as if it were an emergency?

Or do you simply acknowledge that you just had a new thought about something, and now have the choice to act on it, ignore it, dismiss it, or reconsider it later on?

The answer to all these questions will lead you to cultivate gratitude in your life.

Controlling your thoughts is just one of the components to having a life.

The End...

(My free thoughts :

I really wish to thank the people that take the time to read my words, I do enjoy being able to create such art of enjoyment.

You getting a good job, on to making life changes to be and have

better in life, all, everything starts with you,

Never let other people defined who you are, your thoughts are yours,

so you should never be ok with the untruth

Please feel free not shy, to reach out with any thoughts, questions, or

just your feelings about any of my pieces.

The Two Best Ways In Contacting Me.

Steve Anderson 288318


jpay . com

Stafford Creek Corrections

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen Wa 98520

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