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The Truth -- Authentic Self

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

My name is Mr Henderson, a mentor who has seen the depths in our culture and the grace of its blessings. Dealing with "Filthy Rags Outreach" has brought a revelation into my life where I've attained the wisdom of how my wrong choices were mistakes in my past. Many nights in this life we live the "Rag" is first and family is second, putting a false loyalty unto our own. Giving the power to the "Hood", as we call it, putting a fictional self for others to like or live. But our "Authentic Self" is the core essence of the power that's within us. Filthy Rags has shown me that power, giving me back the power to myself and helping others move forward within my community. My self discovery has brought my rag to "the truth" that's in me! Mr. Michael Henderson Seattle, Washington

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