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To: My Younger Generation,

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I write in good faith and hope that you take heed to the wisdom expressed upon you. Many years, as a Black Culture we have taken a stand in our communities to the ignorance "America" has perpetuated amongst us. It is up to "Us" as "Self" to evaluate the reconditioning of such, a unification of reinventing "Ourselves" to the magnitude potential one can be. Investing of self is an institution of greatness. Understand these walls take hold of our existence as "Black Men", but our words are powerful and everlasting.

A legacy that leads upon a foundation of "Humility and Unification". These seeds that are planted embrace our youth, the "Next Generation". Let those seeds grow into your existing branches of "Grace and Understanding", listening to your peers for their "Jewels" are the cornerstones of your future. They give you new hope and faith, as Black Men and Women. Ms. Cassandra loves you and so do we let us express that.

I myself am a Blackman from the Southend of Seattle, who has fallen to this new order of "Modern Slavery". A past time that was once declared "Freedom", but to no avail am not. The moral integrity that America was founded on are lies and deceit, principles of "Racism and Violence".

The reality of such is that "the Government and Economical Structures" of America are institutions of "Politics and Systemic Racism". The "Capitalist" of such has cost me my Family, Life, and Freedom as a citizen in this country. These "30 yrs.", I write on the souls of my ancestors knowing, my dream of a "Overturned Conviction" will one day come. Know my solitude and wisdom is the gratitude I give to you, my younger generation. Understand our "Self Sustainment" of our culture and self, is the "Liberty our Ancestors" smile upon in "the Human F.I.G.H.T. for Civil Rights and Equality in America".

Mr . Henderson

South Seattle

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