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Two Ways, One Warrior

It's not a question of weather we will be warriors in our homes, communities or the nation. But it's a question of what type of warrior we choose to be.

Will we be honorable or dishonorable worries.

It depends on whether we honor or dishonor the people and things in our lives. To honor one is to honor all. To dishonor one is to dishonor all.

There are two ways and one warrior. There is the way of honor and dishonor.

It's our ways that need changing, not who we are. We are all warriors who must choose for themselves the way of honor or dishonor.

Warriors are natural born leaders. It's not a question of weather we are leaders. But the example we set for those who choose to fallow the way we have chosen for ourselves. Honorable or dishonorable.

Our choices and decisions have an impact on the younger generation. Who need strong positive warriors to lead them into a future and vision that's beneficial to them and those who will follow their chosen way.

We need not worry about, or be ashamed of our missteps. We need to accept and own our dark side. We need to boldly shine the light of reason and truth on those dark places in our histories. So the young warriors can avoid the pitfalls of our less honorable choices and decisions.

Choose for yourself today which path you will walk a warrior and leader in life. If you've been traveling the dishonorable path. It's never to late to choose the honorable way for yourself and all the young warriors looking up to you.

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