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My name is Michael Henderson, I'm a African American male who is temporarily facing an unfairly injustice in America's judicial system. For the past 6 yrs. I have been wrongfully convicted for a "self-defense" homicide in Washington state. I'm fighting for my freedom from a "malicious and selective prosecution" based on felony murder of an accidental death and not self-defense. Prosecution has limited my defense by taking my right to defend myself of an excusable or justifiable homicide in the commission of a lawful act of self-defense, RCW: 9A.16.030/WPIC 15 of jury instructions being rejected in court.

Washington's "R.C.W.'s: Revised Codes of Washington" have convicted many minorities in the same fashion unjustly and systemically, since Washington holds no self-defense law but "stand your ground" law. In my trial the prosecutor withheld evidence of a weapon which is exculpatory to my defense and convicted me with 30 yrs. This was unfair and bias denying me of my "constitutional right of a fair trial" also preventing me from presenting my defense, misleading the jury to believe the victim was unarmed of a gun in presented video evidence at trial.

The prosecution "vindictively prosecuted" me based on the "RCW: 9A.16.050 stand your ground law", using COERCION to force testimony from a witness who lied about the weapon he took off of the victim which was actually on his person. These laws have led to many racially fueled disparities in America's judicial system against minorities.

My right to due process(6th amendment) and liberty(14 amendment) constitutionally as an U.S. citizen in this country was violated, establishing a miscarriage of justice and a constitutional prejudice. I am petitioning for my release on "CHANGE.ORG" under Michael Henderson/Sign for Petition and pray for help in my solidarity from any Seattle Mutual Aid Groups or Community support. This is plaguing our judicial system nationally in courts within society and destroying our families.

Refer to: State vs. Henderson, 2Wn.App.2d 1031(2018: Appellate).


State vs. Henderson, 430 P.3d 637 (2018: State).

In conclusion we as a family would like to take the time to thank you for your precious time and considerations to support my outcry for true justice to be administered. Should you need any additional infomation to collaberate the fact contained herein. Please do not hesitate to contact me through or mail at:

Michael Henderson, #317148

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen, Wa. 98520

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