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"A Pandemic Through The Eyes Of A Prisoner"

This Coronavirus for the Incarcerated is a very serious issue because these facilities are not equipped to handle any serious crisis. Even a multiple man fight which is a minor crisis is not handle correctly without an inmate or a convict begin corherced to tell what happened.

Sorry to get off track but back to this Covid 19 crisis of the incarcerated, a seriously deadly virus if its to get behind these gates, we have a highly elderly population that, it will effect and can possible kill 300 to 400 people. Even the Mortians in Grays Harbor County is not equipped for such tragic and the officers are running around joking how they have a freezer in the back that will hold some of the bodies. But God Forbid this is just rediculous!

The other sad part about this pandemic is the prison officials are playing precarious for the public by shutting down inmates visit and outside volunteers because of this new media terminology of social distancing but in the reality they are still running this prison as the 19 century slave plantations in the 21 century.

Why because the Correctional Industries and the millions of dollars their making off of prisoner's backs for pennies on a dollar that is going out the back dock on trucks to other government agencies even the Governor spoke publicly about using prisoner to saves lives during this global pandemic but the prisoners are so blind they are'nt thinking about their own lives as capital currency to the correctional industry.

What a selfish society capitalism both ways even when our families send us financial support its deducted off the top in the front office.

Why because Washington has no real political prisoner to stand up, show up and speak up just a whole bunch of perpetrators that pitch their personality in the pubic of prison officals to facilitate prison program after program to hopefully get a commutation hearing someday along with a certificate that means nothing to the community that we as ex-felons return with a good luck speech....heres your $40 gate money please do not contact me to the nature of my job

So I say all this to say the Fake precautionary actions they portray to the public of wanting to keep prisoners safe is a social lie they are still having meander men slaving in these modern day machine factories welding, chair shops, sewing fabrics and washing laundry etc.

If these men had any type of sense they would band together and get the necessary exposer that would essentially cause the govern authority to wanna exit some of them out of this prison well before their actual release date especially in a global pandemic.

It will never happen if we just sit here and be our own CNN Convict,News Network talking in assumptions and propaganda. We play each other we are

against each other, no facts, no proofs, and no investigation pure assumption and lies. They dont have to ensalve us our hearts are already in submission, they dont have to divide us we divide each other.

We scream freedom while our minds are still in prison only to return to a place we really never left. all the while those of us are physically confined however mentally free, covid 19 has nothing on this type of sickness. this is the soul, the center of man, that which as created to give him life and once this is sick then it is by mere influence we infect a whole population.

Pray for the Souls of Prisoner's during this pandemic that we as a whole will understand the prophetic prophecies of the time of Pharaoh and let his people Go...

Mr. Alphonso Bell

Evangelist Of The Essence

20/20 Pandemic

Intellectuals Property

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