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My Inner-Thoughts Today... 4/19/2022

My Inner-Thoughts Today...

It does no good to turn your life around in a prison industrial complex. If you are never granted and opportunity to turn your community around that you left broken. My personal vision for Filthy Rags Outreach members and associate is."'To build back The Community with the ones that help destroyed it". Those that created gangs, sold dope on every corner until the landscape was gentrified.

Its our job to used the wisdom that we have attained through our failures as convicted felons. " To Redeem Those That We Can Relate Too". We by far are the subject matter expert in curing and curbing some of this gang and gun violence that plagues our community as a public health crisis.

I was conversing with a couple The Original's from a few different sections around The Northwest and they said Fatt it doesn't even have to be the weekend to kill anymore. These young brothers are aimless with the tools( Guns) they have been given and they are only killing to mask or discover their own identity. We need more men like you out here that willing to be a living sacrifice in telling your " Testimony That Tied To The Turf" 2Degree fro Tha Streets.

Read Revelation 12:11 And Ask The Godfather for a Self-Revelation of who you are In Him.

Mr Alphonso Bell aka Bigg Fatt Cuzz

Visionary and Founder of F.R.O


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