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A Thought Turned Into Gold!

Many of my daily conversations consists of just listening, or giving my

sincere advice, all given freely from the knowledge and understandings

that I have gained over the years.

I do consider myself to be saved and blessed by God's forgiveness mercy.

In all it's the understanding and knowledge that paves the new roads

to a fulfilling, healthier lifestyle, everyone has a story, God created

each of our journeys to the travels of our lives.

Listen to my following words of counsel, that I give freely on the


"O friend of mine!

If you sit with people of knowledge, beware, to be concerned about

listening more than speaking.

Learn to listen well, just as much as you speak well.

Nor shall you interrupt anyone's speech, no matter how long it lasts

wait patiently until the person finishes, then ask your questions, or give

your input on the subject at hand.

Life is short, well knowledge is vast.

Time wasted in trivial pursuits is knowledge missed.

As a seekers of knowledge time is always a need, just as new things

into reality, the timing is always correct bringing change.

Idle talk hardens the heart, because of the gain of nothing.

Knowledge missed once again.

You will be tested with the good, and bad opportunities of life, the

light and the dark world were people don't play fair.

Having knowledge brings awareness.

Any conversation or talk that does not lead to good action is

apart of idle talk.

Let the people who believes in God, and the last day either say

something good or keep SILENT!


Take Care.


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