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Stars On The Roof, Mable On All Floors

$"A...... # Stars On The Roof, Mable On All Floors.


* The heart does not place it's

confidence except in one from when it hopes for something.

Therefore whoever places hope in their strength, ability, actions, friend, relative, teacher, etc., not considering God, has placed a form of confidence upon that cause.

Whoever place their hope in an object of creation will ultimately be disappointed, and that is a sinful act.

For everything lawful that a person may wish to acquire, God, has appointed a means to attaining it as has preceded.

For example marriage as a means to having children.

If one marries and places his reliance upon marital relations and not upon the One who grants children, they have committed sin.

To deny what is ingrained in our nature is to deny the acts of benefits, that God, has put forth for all creation.

Our reliance and hope should always fall in God, first.

For Everything!

He Has Said Ask Me For All.

He Is The Creator, Most forgiving, Most Merciful God, without partners.


Thank You For Your Time.


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