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Be Fast to Share or Assist

$,A......# Be Fast To Share, Or Assist.


Judging is not a use able tool that develop, or creates a

success story for yourself, or another.

To tell another person what you think they should do, is not assisting in the form of giving understanding, or sharing the wisdom and knowledge that you have.

Creating a success story in a persons life is from the kindness that comes from within the heart.

Adding growth to another person, is just as sharing the blessings that

have been given to you, someone gave you their time and shared their

understandings wisdom and knowledge.

Ask yourself before you speak, what can I give to assist this person?

The harsh words that you think they need to hear, are not

life changing tools that solves issues.

To point out the option's that divers understanding wisdom and knowledge to a person, creates a bound that last.for a lifetime.

Speaking harsh words and sharing are two different world's, only one of a these world works, keep your harsh speech to yourself.

To share shows you care, you have empathy within your heart for a

person that's in need.


One of my the best things to do, or to be apart of is to always do what you can for a person in need.

It's called, the good looking out policy.

Take Care.


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