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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I believe that many believers physical eyes will be open to see into the spiritual world. We will see talk to and communicate with angelic beings in this great last day revival that stand ready to sweep the globe with Gods awesome power like never before. It's not that God or his power will be more present than it already is. We will just me more open and aware of it and that will be what makes to difference for it's ministrations to those God is most desperately trying to reach before He returns to take us home with Him :-)

Rejoice my friends. Things might not look good to our natural eyes. But if we know king Jesus. We understand that every time He stands ready to bless us the wicked one tries to counter it. The problem is the wicked one has never succeeded in blocking the blessing. God's plan always works and He is always right on time.

So I would encourage you to praise God in the midst of the blackest hours of our lives. We can always find something to praise God for. Especially if we know all the wonderful blessings and promises He has given us in His word.

Praise is like a ballistic missile that demolishes the strategies of the enemy against us. It is one of the most powerful weapons we possess. It is especially effective when we praise God for our failures and sins. Nothing is more damaging and confusing to the enemy than when we own our mistakes and thank God for them. Sounds crazy right! yeah it's crazy! Crazy awesome :-)

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