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$"A......# Applying It, makes it work.

My lost thought's :

The power has been implanted within your heart

by the Creator, how dare you not us it on dry



Your mind serves you in two important ways.

First, it's a storage vault for information and experiences, the computer that analyses, compares, relates facts, and draws conclusions.

Second, your mind is a channel for the transmission of wisdom and common sense.

This part of the mind deals with what might be called matters

of the heart.

This part of your mind is the source of contentment,

joy, common, sense, personal growth, and wisdom.

Known fact, it's inappropriate to use your computer to solve

difficulties in marriage or heart related problems.

They require gentleness, insight, and real wisdom.

It's not impossible to predict, the truth is clear, and not speaking on it

makes you apart of the others.

I do know that if a person's self-esteem is low enough, he or she

is more likely to take irrational, self-defeating actions when a hardship arises.

A person who has a positive sense of self-esteem, and inter peace is better

able to handle, any and all adversity effectively.

To take positive actions rather then creating another adversity to the one that's in play.

People developing a positive self-esteem and good mental tools, makes things a lot easier even when you're not having problems, a mustered seed of peace comes with knowledge of the truth in understanding that is understood.

A person with high self-esteem and inner peace knows bow to truly enjoy

life during more peaceful periods, while a person who lacks th positive tools just feels relived by a temporary break from problems, but bracing for the next crisis.

Not good for the mental, or healthy to the statement of loving life.{THEEND}

Have You Given Time To Leaving Your Comments Please Do They Have A Powerful Meaning.

Take Care.

Steve Anderson288318.


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