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# Are The Jewel's You Have A Distraction?*?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

So many people feel comfortable within their misery and suffrering.

That's unnecessary and it only shows people you know how to be unfair

to yourself, in my book theres many answers to your "ituation", the

life your living by is called "selfinflickedretardation".

meaning: ( "ituation") creating problems by your words or actions, or due to another persons words or actions, many times both, over all not thinking clearly.

I'm not trying to be funny or disrespectful, and I'm not into stepping

on anyone's feelings, at all.

If I don't share in truth, how am I assisting the people? what type of a person would that make me to lie?

I'm not down with the lying or any negative answers you come up with.

Hi I'm Steve, and I'm in love with the truth, that's what I will be sharing under the laws of "the good looking out policy".

I speak truth, not with any kind of wreckless thoughts, and in sharing the " knowledgeable's" they will come without the if's, and 's or but's, the truth is very clear.

You must muster up the strength and self disciple to stop not giving

yourself a fair chance at knowing God, His giving blessings are just as

His forgiveness.

All bad and good "ituation's comes with a fair opportunities in creating better into reality.

If you go on being unfair to yourself, how can you experience that

great love that God, gives?

Your also missing out on experiencing the true love that is developed

within yourself, taking time to really getting to know who you are, what laws and beliefs you have, and I'm not talking about what you have already inherited.

It takes refined understanding to glimpse what true freedom is.

Many people think it's the freedom to do or say anything, people

that's a small part of real freedom.

It's not the kind of thing that can be grasp overnight.

Just keep in mind this fact, freedom is in the given, by God,

who controls all, He is very forgiving, and the most merciful.

The End...

Thank you for your time, any wonders that comes your way, please

feel free in contacting me in these two fashionable ways :

Steve Anderson 288318 H-4 B.63

Stafford Creek Corrections

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen Wa. 9852

I thank you for taking and giving your time.

If you wish, you can also leave your thoughts and feelings in the

comment box.

Have a nice day, it all starts with you...

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