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We Don't Hold Grudges, We Remember Facts...

$.A...... # We Don't Hold Grudges, We Remember Facts...


*You never know who's watching, and will act and assist, ( the laws of the heart).

This person is willing to assist in giving their time, understanding, and knowledge, the gain is in motivating you to develop and create the greatness of your best, within yourself,

This greatness I speak on is in independence, knowing by working, or studying as much and hard as you can develops and creates a greatness within your words and actions.

To be shared with friends and family, onto the world, to always do

what you can with the giving blessing, of another person see

your best before you.

So in all the time that's given to you on dry land, be

you at your best at all times.

And give time in treating yourself, just with the fact your doing

the work.

Take Care.


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