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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

" Our Generational Genesis Now I Got The Revelation"

By Fatt Fettuccine

Before reading this script it would be wise to read Genesis 50:20

We have been granted another day to express the Essence of love in the Great Northwest. Think about this.... We are apart Governing one of the Greatest Institutions of the world one of only three Great places.

Great Britain, Great Wall of China, and the Great Northwest.

We wires the whole world in Software. I always knew I was Gods chosen and elect because of all the exposer and experiences I had as a child in East Saint Louise ILL. on top of all the Mercy and Grace that the Creator bestowed upon my life from begin a made man from the matrix.....

There is so many things that I must share with you in person because of Our new way of doing things like. A.I and I'm not talking Allen Iverson BUT Artificial Intelligence. I know this is alot to digest this early in the morning but its just a reminder to watch the moves of MADE MEN in your jurisdiction becaus we are related As well as continue to build a strong Constitution for your life of Service.

I must stop now before I tapp myself out of the medicine that is only shown and expressed in Essence. Be Home Soon 2 Fish 5 Loaves with Hands of Favor do the mathematics $even is the number of completion.

Fonzerille Fettuccine

20/20 Pandemic

Intellectual Property of

Mr. Alphonso Bell

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