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" Calling Out and Calling In "

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We are undoubtedly living in a time when we are all, as a collective, begin called into greater levels of integrity. Technology tablets, I-phones along with social media have created informational highways for more interconnectedness and more of an ability to call attention to injustices and aspects of our culture that so desperately is in need of healing.

This healing, as with any healing, is a process that requires time, attention and care. So when a culture is going through a healing that involves a long painful history of raced- based discrimination and violence we must remember to care for it in the same way we would care for any other kind of wound, also knowing it takes time and constant attention.

Calling attention to our wounds and to injustices we are experiencing brings our wholeness back into integrity with our values as a nation for equality, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And in order to come into integrity with those values, we must be brave enough to understand the ways we've fallen out of it and continually call out courageously speak to the ways in which we are not living in integrity.

Yet I wonder, can we do so and still keep our wholeness intact ? While knowing " Health is a state of wholeness in mind and in body," Can we, in our minds and in our bodies, stay true to the wholeness of each and every individual, including ourselves, as we come into a greater state of health, as we heal from our personal and collective histories ?

Can those who are begin called out be called in ? Begin called in allows ones wholeness to stay intact so that behaviour can be distinguished from personhood , so that demonization can turn to humanization, so that even those who created pain can become a part of healing it.

In doing so we can all be restored to our wholeness while still coming into greater and greater levels of integrity. That is healing. That is deep revealing. That is the act of calling out the Divine and calling in the Divine.

Mr. Alphonso Bell

Entrepreneurial of the Spirit

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