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$"A......# Caught Up Between Different Worlds.


The two world's I'm about speak on gives the greatest rewards, in

this lifetime and the hereafter, involving truth and .

Being involved with truthfulness assists you, with the good, and bad,

but it's a guidance

I judge not my pass life I live on the concrete bending coners on

different statelines, I bragging not, having a right to or for that act.

1-The worldly glitters, fast car, and her, it's always a her.

2-The hereafter.

3-What others perceive your life to be, your just playing

#4-Is so disrespectful, to self.

4-Being in other peoples business, and not mending to

your own affairs.

[My lost thought's are traveling at a high-speed of 99in the

55zone, i'm not there yet, are you?

Everybody walks at a different speed, God's knows best, and His

plan is the best plans planed.

Is winning in your words and actions?

Truth and understanding will also show up, if any of these two

components are missing, it creates a different conversation

starting with why have you allowed your characteristics

to be in ruins.

Greatness is within you, now it's certain things and people that's

going to assist you from lossing your ways, or wasting time

accomplishing nothing only board people get board, it's always

something to do.

Here's an ideal people give time to fixing yourself, you have

the rights to be better.

In accomplishing this kind of a journey, I'm about to speak on,

you must not just be knowledgeable, but also be intoned

within your heart.

Being apart of a success story comes from understanding

the knowledge and laws that God, has given to and for this kind

of journey, having and living a life on this earth do paves the

ways for what God, has promised all of us, (paradise).

It's no secret of which of the world's are better and more promising

too meeting all our needs.

With us all knowing this fact alone a person would think, it would create

a stronger motivate in use giving our best intentions,, due to what's going

to take place in the hereafter.


Gaining the rightfulness to your greatness, is within the powers given to all of us, in different fashion's and times, no one was left out, God, gave some very unique tools within all of us.

6, Questions for you people :

Do you know and understand your purpose on dry land?

What makes you unique, special, and different.

Are you spontaneous within your words and actions?

Are you using all your tools of greatness to the best of your ability?

We're all apart of God's plans, what part do you feel your planing

Aright now?

Do you contribute your part in God's, plan with what you love doing?

Loving life, include loving God, The Most Heigh, The Most Merciful, The Most Forgiving God.

Real Talk ! Love Yourself, that's a must.

Developing a relationship with God, is apart of His plan.

Please do not include yourself if you have downloaded any of the

ways or beliefs of an inheritor.

People wing yourself off to being an inheritor it's unhealthy in

so many ways to your life.

You must do the homework of reconstructing your beliefs, because I'm so sure that so

Most of us get involved with religion cause of the person that takes us

to Church service, they been going to the same Church for years, there beliefs is locked in, and

That's how people become inheritors, by not asking or seeking the

knowledge of the truth on religion.

The components of the rewards brings the richness to your self-esteem,

and life.

"True faith is wealthy enough, and worship is action enough.

Death is a teacher, that clearly explains :

#1- what you should be doing with your time, cause many times God,

calls without a notice to your travels.

#2- an eye opener to what's going to happen regardless of who you

are, or what you have accompanied, and people your cash count means nothing to or for what's going on in the hereafter world.

When your placed in your grave, two Angeles will come and ask you

who is your Lord? what is your religion, who is your Prophet?

"True belief is not trying to please people, one of component is to

assist when you can, people that's in need.

True faith is not doing the things which would bring God's displeasure on

you, and your not envy another person for what God has not given you.

God's, provision is not attracted simply by a persons being careful, nor

is it deflected by another persons malice.

God, Justice, Omniscience and Wisdom, has made delight and joy the companion of faith and contentment.

God, didn't create confusion in His plans humans did, with what they think should take place in the religion world.

People you can't tell God, what to do, in any fashion, but you can ask for His forgiveness, guidance, and mercy, and all your real needs, not to win the lottery.

[Fact Thought's} : luck is a jealousy of success, you can't buy luck at any Safeway, so please stop the talk of luck.

Please take time to say a prayer for all the fallen soldiers, that have

protected us since day one.

Hat's Off For All Soldiers !

[The Not's}:

A person never steps in the same river cause the river is never

the same just as the person that stepped in the river once already

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