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By now, we all clearly know or have a greater understanding of the

multitude acts of disobedience, on the flip side, the connection is the abundance of good freely given through a persons thoughgs, actions, and words.

The poisoning acts of disobedience is done also through your thoughts, actions, and words.

To be fair, nice, kindhearted, respectful, and many other good treats, have been taught to use from a person that cares and loves you, wanting the best for you.

A guidance to truth will deliver you to good company, on earth and in the hereafter.

God, has put so much good in place all over this world, and

within each of us, that's why sharing is so imperative, just as

assisting a person in need.

Did you know :

Doing anything against the grains of God's laws delivers the highest poison to the heart? It's sicknesses alone brings on a ruins to all

guidance of reasoning and beliefs.

At one point or another I have recognized much wrong within my actions and words, never counting the wrong of others, we all have been witnesses

to the lack of using the knowledge and understanding thats been given freely, if not learned upon ourselves.

Many of us are inheritors to and about many of things that God,

has not given or said to His creation.

God has given you the blessings to give and receive understanding, among many other valuable life tools.

The greatest damage is not using the blessings thats been given by God, it's outcome is so horrific to a person's life, body and soul, that the gaining of

fruitful knowledge and understanding is not downloaded into our brains and heart properly.

The fear of God, Exalted is He, springs from the knowledge of

Him, and of His Attributes.

The degree of a servant's fear depends on their awareness of God's Glory,

Might and Self Sufficiency ~ and for the fact that God, isn't accountable for

what He decides, while His servants are held accountable while were

on earth and in the hereafter, starting with the two angles that will visit you and ask you three imperative questions, while your in the grave.


Take Care

$.Anderson #288318.

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