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Components Pertaining to an Open Minded person.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

This is an issue of self control within your thought process: is

your thought process weak or strong? That fact is known

through your decision making and what actions you decide upon.

What I'm about to speak on is not developed or created by having

negative thoughts.

When a person has a silent in-minded conversation with a

cup full of negativism, they are at that moment creating one

or more "ituation's" of the unknown, also closely related to

the "unness":

[meaning - "ituation") is a problem or problems you or another

person create by your words or actions, many times both.

[meaning - "unness") the unfair ness that's seen through the

results of your words and actions.

When a person doesn't think, that act is noticed causes it

creates"ituation's" for themselves and with other people...

so disrespectful.

These kinda people let anything fall out their mouth, making

themselves look bad.

That's the ugly look you wish to be apart of?

It's unfair to yourself when you let your symbolic thoughts run

freely, at the same time giving away the power of control is

a very dangerous issue, from the damage that take place with

a persons self-esteem.

Clearly not putting forth your words and actions in bringing the

"anew" into reality, you are missing the understanding that

good things that are created in the given time of truth comes with


What I'm speaking on is achieved with a positive mind frame that

forms your words and actions into play both working together,

thinking positively and saying, "what can I do next?" "what's my

options?" "I'm never going to give up".

That's not going to make you crazy if you choose to have a

conversations with yourself, it strengthens you in a positive way.

Please Proceed :

Most importantly it is your duty to seek out the "knowledgeable's," that's you checking your wisdom box, that should stay on a full tank cause every experience we have gives blessing and the rights

to bring succes into reality.

"Doing nothing is the easest part of being successful in gaining nothing."

Here I be people, with the "knowledgeable's" that will in-gear your thoughts, to a positive mode.

When a person keeps it 100% it's a must that you develope your laws, they must be founded upon truth, the respect you hold, others see it, feel it, and wish to know how to get it.

Sharing your up most gives the power in living forever, they'll keep you alive.

Everything I have said is in truth, it's very imperative to look at "ituation's" in a positive fashion, putting that positiveness into actions and words makes you a team player.

"Nothing is just for me, it's another that holds the golden key, to share is to give apart of that fact, that is the golden key".

The End.

Please feel free in contacting me, the power is in sharing your opinions, thoughts, and feelings, I do look forward to being apart of good enlighting


You could even leave a small note in the comment box, I'll appreciate that also, just as you giving your time, it creates meaning.

Thank You For Your Time.

Here's Two Ways In Contacting Me :

Steve Anderson 288318

H-4 B63

1) jpay. com - Using the 288318 to sign up, you also have to buy stamps to send e-mails just as I do.

2) Stafford Creek Corrections

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen Wa 98520.

Take Care and have a wonderful day, as I have said, it all starts with your smile.

Steve Anderson...

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