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Updated: Jan 14, 2022

During the "Pandemic of the Covid-19 crisis" we face many challenges, an ongoing "Caste System" of solitude. Many questions come to mind, "How do we value our integrity as a people?" are one of the questions I ask. Many are faced with "Financial setbacks" that only accumulate wealth to the top 5%, "Investors" of the world. To know such and no that our future depends upon such is an outcast cry for help. Where are our morals as a people, a country that supposedly the president values? Are own "Government" has lied to its people in order to monopolize its goods, "the people". My only concern is how do we break a "Generational Curse" that was used to incorporate this system? Change the leaders and its system and we change the world. Make choices that value the people not the politics!


Seattle, Wa.

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