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Dead to the power of sin

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

When we turn to Christ the power sin held over us is broken and we are free to do what we know in our hearts is right. The Bible teaches that sin has lost it's power to control the way we live our lives once we accept Christ. But there is a difference in being dead to sins power and sin being dead. Sin is still very much alive. It is in our flesh and in the world. But for us who are born anew in God's spirit, although sin is still present with us in our flesh and in the world, it cannot control us.

The only difference now is that while we may still choose to sin, we don't have to. Sin in no longer our lord and master. We have a new leader and management. God is our leader and the Holy Spirit is our manger. And if we do sin we have Jesus as our advocate. So the next time sin comes calling your name, let it know it's no longer your master. Now that we are Christian we master sin in and by the power of God's righteous Spirit in us. Read Romans 6-8 ( New Living Translation AKA NLT )

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