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Department Of Correction: Disparity Differences.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

"The Color Of Covid has shown the disproportionately of our society."

The Color Of Covid is a real thing, and during this global pandemic, it has become more evident to me even behind prison walls. Just this past Sunday we lost another Black Brother to the crisis.

This one marked the first Washington State Corrections Officer to die of the disease. I looked around the prison and seen complete disparity, none of his colleagues wore the black strip around their badges, no flags were flown at half staff, no moments of stillness... just business as usual. Why? Because its written in our history, and still exist to this day... Black lives don't matter in some peoples world.

Yeah I know I am a man of God and some will think I shouldn't be viewing it this way, the reality is I am not color blind nor am I so socially conditioned in a institution of conformity designed by social engineering that I don't understand my own condition as a Man of Color. It is what it is...

Mr. Alphonso Bell

The Revolutionary Spirit Continues....

F.R.O Spiritual Insight 20/20

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