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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Deploying our spiritual gifts as a Disciples of the Messiah to minister to the hearts of Made Men. Spiritual Gifts Fall Into Two Basic Categories: speaking and serving. Neither is more important than the other because both are demonstrations of God's grace to Men of Faith. However, if members are not using their gifts, then the community suffers.

Every man of Faith should be involved in his local church and actively loving those in the community. One way we do this amongst our Filthy Rags Members of Faith is by discovering, developing, and deploying our spiritual gifts for the benefit of others that have been down the same path of life.

Those with speaking gifts can teach truth, promote righteousness, and offer correction and encouragement. Serving gifts on the other hand give practical help so the community can function smoothly and extend personal care and love to its people.

Spiritual gift aren't merely some bonus added on top of salvation. They are to be taken seriously and given our full undivided attention. (Timothy. 4:14-15. ) But we need never fear that we won't use our spiritual abilities well. After all, it is God who works through us and for us, and He will enable the Spirit's gifts to be utilized for both the benefit of others and His glory.

Evangelist of The Essence

Mr. Alphonso Bell

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