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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We can spend our lives infatuated with Christianity, Jesus and the Bible. Or we could give our lives in pursuit of knowing Him the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering. If my spirituality is still on the level of infatuation than I am still in the nosebleed section with the rest of the fans when Christ has called me to be on the field of play together with Him and following His lead :-) There are exciting thing ahead for us in the days to come. We are on the brink of an outpouring of God's power on a book of Acts level. We won't be benched or on the sidelines for this but right in the middle of the action. God and his power are undeniable. And the floodwaters of heaven are about to spill forth upon the earth soon. It is going to be amazing. Like I said. It is not that God and his power and glory aren't present with us now. It's just that our eyes are going to be open to it, and that is when things will start breaking wide open:-) Q :-)

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