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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I heard something very power today and it truly resonated with and in my spirit. The minister said everyone in church has a criminal record and God has a record of using people with a record to do extraordinary things. Men and women of God if we would stop acting so holy and expose our record maybe the Heavenly Father would use it for His glory. Is it that your true testimony is uncomfortable for you and the church ? I convey this consistently to the men of god that God has given me to Shepherd. We must be willing to tell of our once defeats before Christ so others can find victory in Christ. By seeing us as examples of transparency and vulnerability. What good is God truth if we dont tell our own truth ?

Our testimony is our truth clothed with the mercy and grace of God's truth because he has kept us to tell it. If God didn't use those with a criminal record the bible would be erased. But he does. So thats our hope here at Filthy Rags is to be used by God so His glory is shown to generations of men, women and children that have been affected and subject to the gang background that they as well can be used for such a time as this. God Bless... Mr. Alphonso Bell

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