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Ask yourself this question. Do I have to convince people that I have changed, or can they see for themselves the works God has done in me. Paul said our faith should rest in the power of God and not the wisdom of man. Any one can talk a good game. But those who walk with God have to do no talking. Their actions are a clear indication of the intervention of God in human affairs.

Jesus said that while He is in the world, He is the light of the world. Jesus is still in the world through His body The Church. He also said before that, 'The night is coming.' I don't know about you. But those words are sobering. The problem is that sin blinds us to the light. If the truth is hidden. It is hidden from those who have opened and exposed their souls to the darkness of sin. our souls are the channels though which God desires to shine the light to guide those who have lost themselves in the darkness of the world the flesh and the devil. Turn back to him in your souls and have him cleans the lense so that his light can shine brightly through you again. The body mind/soul connection is key in letting our lights shine for Him. The trick is to understand that we are already connected spiritually to God if we have accepted Christ. Now we can reported our minds to walk in the truth and release the power and light of God's presence in us to a lost and broken world. He shares everything with us. Including us in the ongoing work of redemption for the lost :-)

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