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God's will is both beautiful and mysterious. It's not mysterious in the sense that it can't be found or known. But in the sense that it must be revealed. There are many things that block its revelation from us. Our biggest obstacles are fear and selfishness. There are many selfish things that we label the will of God. Upon carful examination we find such goals to be the manifestation of selfishness and nothing more. We shouldn't be to hard on ourselves because we are mixed up in our attempts to find happiness and fulfilment in life. The desire for such things are a part of the fabric of which we are made. Jesus said that his meat was to do the will of the one who sent him and to finish his work. He also told his disciplines that as the Father sent him so he was sending them. And we are riding on the coat tails of the apostles and profits that have gone before us. Jesus has given us a share in the ongoing work of redemption for as many as will call upon him in truth. What a privilege it is to be coheirs with Christ :-)

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