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$"A......# Going Out Like Mr Clean.


What makes sense is to want the knowledgeable's in truth.

The central question is:

What are you looking for?

What do you want out of life?

Chances are you're looking for, inner peace, contentment, happy ness, and the ability to solve problems efficiently.

If this is indeed the case, the next question to ask yourself

is "how are you going to achieve these goals"?

So now I ask you, can you achieve happy ness by focusing on

the pain of your pass?

Can you feel gratitude by assuming that your negative thoughts assist you in a good fashion?

Or does it make more sense to acknowledge that your going to

have plenty of negative thoughts, as well as plenty of low mood and

the key to happy ness is to learn how to deal with.

If you could learn to set your negative banishing from the forefront

of your mind, you'll be able to call up a feeling of gratitude.

It's not at all my intentions to give miss understandings by my words.

In no way am I suggesting that every issue in our lives can be dealt with by simply ignoring our thoughts, so that the regaining of our feelings of gratitude is returned, it don't work that way people.

What I'm suggesting to you is that your feeling the way you do

because of your thoughts that your giving airtime to, not all is

so deserving of our time.

If your feeling ungrateful, that means some negative thoughts got you.

To regain or achieve a sense of gratitude in your life, you must

begin to appreciate the power your thought's.

If you harbor negative thoughts, for whatever reason, you are going to

be the person who feels that negative emotion the opposite of real gratitude.

If you're angry, you'll feel the angry mood that holds rights to

that emotion.

If you're jealous about something, you'll feel the jealous emotional feelings, that will show through your words and actions

You're the owner of your feelings, through your words and actions.

The power of a thought, can start a war or create real love in another's person heart.

I am that person that thinks everyone should rethink on there lifes negative aspects, the rational for this belief is that by doing so you will

acknowledge and sort out your most honest and legitimate feelings.

The problem with this beliefis is that feelings don't exist on their own, so what feelings you give power to will exist within your words and actions they both don't lie.

Your feelings are created from moment to moment by the way you

think about life, and by how much power you invest to your belief of truth.THEEND...

Take Care.


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