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Hello, Big WORLD!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

OKAY, IT'S YOUR BOI! (HWY-REDD)! But now that is my past. I would like to be know as RICHARD FERDINAND BIBBINS the person I am. OK as I get in to my life I'm hoping to help someone get thought what issues at hand. So to start off I'm in a box trying to live life though a little box (TV). So for a man like myself I feel we all have been though some type of good but why is it so hard to hold on to (good )if all we know is the (bad).Now those bad things we find to be good times. why? To be honest I myself don't know.

So I come to fine good communication with (GOD) He is what keep me in sad times, when I don't feel love from no one (GOD) Has my back. now let me tell you this we need to love are self with good understanding of self, the best feeling to have is understanding on why we move the way we do, why we like what we do. It's been times I did not know why I did what I've done so I ask if one can keep understanding first on their mind. And with these good words said I also ask the Big World to look in side of self with GOD's understanding with the hope to fine grate wisdom, and to live a good life. I'll like to END with (GOD) first! feel free to give input.......

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