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I literally lost my life to find my life.....

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

These times that we are living in has caused my spirit to be awaken into what it really means to fight for freedom as a people. To be brutally honest in my own selfishness of hustling and positioning myself in the streets. I never truly realized our own condition when it comes to our ancestors begin in slaved into this country because I was to immersed in the blindness culture of the gang lifestyle. Now at 45 years of age I wanna know who I am as a Black Man in America not just who people tell me I am suppose to be as a believer of God.

I share this sensitive subject with world so that Men and Women of God can possible share with me their understanding of begin a black in America that loves the principle of God words and second so that you can help me discovery our hidden treasures. I realize there is so much information out there in the world but I must make a conscious decision what I will let empower me . So send me material books etc. that you all believe will help me and my fellow men on this journey of self-discovery. Mr. Alphonso Bell

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