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Inner-Reflections - July 7th, 2021

Today has been a productive as well as a stressful day of Outreach, Why? Because when you are dealing with Men under the umbrella of spiritual things everyone has and opinion about everything and everybody. So finding the common denominator of service is difficult to narrow down beside all this is new to me so I'm learning in the process as well then force to make an executive decision because it God's vision given to Me. And my heart wants to please everybody that willing to help further something I can't.

But what I take out of today is I want nothing to do with and Denominations becuz it causes too much division in the Body of Believer..Those that profess Christ... Thats why Filthy Rags Outreach is not a Church or a Church service But service men to help guide men in spiritual conversation in hope to build social stability in our impoverished communities.

Mr. Alphonso Bell

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