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Updated: Jun 30, 2021


I woke up this morning thinking about the Body of Christ about how we get caught up in the in the world doing what the world does and become organizational minded instead of Christ minded and Kingdom minded. I see us chasing funding, feeding the homeless getting involved with inner-city trauma instead and forgetting about our intercessor and our Elders those that where or Foundational Mother's and Father's.

These thoughts come from a place where a Brother of mines Mother is in need of a care giver and the Church does'nt have here in mind but she continues to have God's word in her Heart.

I pray someday that I can get out of this prison and respond to our Communities with the Compassion of Christ now that I know what He created Us Son's and Daughter to be a Living Sacrifice Holy acceptable which is our reasonable service to a dying world. That should see us living a resurrected life in modeling the Messiah Message.

May all Pray for my deliverance...From Captivity

Mr. Alphonso Bell

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