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Last Call On A Thought.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

To have control in your life, is in the knowing of who you are, it has nothing to do with what others said, or told you. Your thoughts belong to you, until you share them, from your words, or your actions. Proceed : When watching a movie, you're aware that you are separate from what's happening on the screen. You can't jump into the movie your watching, you can gain control over your thoughts, by paying attention to them. Learning to watch your own thoughts works in the similar manner. This fact is developed by you taking the time to gain, the understanding of the role your thoughts play. You must create some distance between yourself, and your thoughts. This distance I speak on, allows you to watch your thoughts as if you was watching a movie. Watching your thoughts can be a very entertaining, even when they consist of the unpleasant ones. The distance you create, is done by watching your thoughts. The #1-key in protecting yourself from any negative effect your thoughts can give. The #2-key, is self observation. You must start cathing yourself right when the negative act start it'll get easier as you practice. In other words, you must take notice that you are off track and about to derail by letting the thoughts continue to have airtime. A stressful thought can be your warning signal, when you're caught up with any negative thoughts, trade it in for a positive thought. Key #3 is simply you taking notice, and acknowledge that your mind is having stressful thoughts, and then gently take your attention off whatever you're thinking about. By changing the your thoughts to the good one will bring you happier feelings. People start slowly, don't try too hard that will only increase your stress level.) With these 3-key components you'll feel an instance shift, to having good days with positive thoughts, and feelings. Loving life, is apart of being fair to yourself, and others. THEEND.. It's Nice To Be,, and it's give from your heart. If you never share your opinions, thoughts, and feelings, how can we get better *?* The comment boxes was created just for your rights of the three components I spoke on above. To share how you feel about something you gave time to reading, is appreciated. In sharing your part you'll gain a better understanding just by sharing your opinion, thoughts, feelings. Let my words replay within your mind, that'll give you refreshing thoughts, that should be noted. With a better understanding, we all win, communication makes a good conversation. Take Care.. S .Anderson288318...

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