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Dear Carlo,

What can I say? I never got to know you. I made some serious mistakes in life which caused me to miss out on wonderful things like yourself. The only memories I have of you were watching you grow up in the photographs your mother sent me in the mail. These memorials were bitter sweet. Bitter in the pain they caused me knowing I failed in my responsibility to be a positive supportive male role model in you life, and sweet in the pride it gave me in being your only uncle.

Although you may have been estranged from me in this wold, I trust your vision and view is far superior to my own now. Wherever it is that you are now there above, it has to be a lot like the latest photo your mother sent me of you there on that mountain top. You are now as vast as the skies that crest that marvelous image. It's fitting really. You are now as strong above us as those mountains were beneath you the day you stood there on those mountains with a smile was big and warm as the skies that stretched off into eternity.

Be at peace my beloved nephew. And when you Jesus. Tell him the only thing I want, before I join that great cloud of witnesses, is a fresh vision of Him that sparks a fire and hunger for the lost from which I never recover.

I dedicate the song "Light up the sky" by the afters to your loving memory.

Your one and only loving uncle Q :)

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