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Letter To My Younger Self....

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Dear Michael,

So much of this world is a mirage, an underlying of How the game has manipulated itself to fit the system. In your early years we used to run with the group, fixated on their actions and character, stripping each other of our own "self power". Not knowing we were living a falsified reality to love a lifestyle of violence, "crime".

To see our depth in the game and how much we risk only "self sabotages" our integrity. Were born free, loved unconditionally, and given free choice but our misperception of the "code" has manipulated itself. Years of depriving our own lives to being confined to institutions has set this false reality before us.

The "lifestyle" started about struggle, free will, hope, community, and loyalty. But those same qualities were utilized to perpetuate the Lifestyle and destroy its essence, " Free choice". Why I ask would you become apart of a system that was created to destroy you in the beginning?

The "Political system" before us took what our communities created for a common good and implemented its greed, hate, and violence to destroy generations. A system purposely created to monopolize a "Wealth Gap" between the races and communities in America.

Break the cycle to stop "Drifting", a false reality of our fictional self. And bring back the "Authenticity" of your community, "the culture".


Seattle, Wa.

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