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Love and fear

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

My name is Jon Thompson but most people know me as JI,(pronounced Jee). I have been asked to speak or write what I am known for not only speaking but walking and spreading. Whenever I am asked to speak or write and given free reign of topic I go to the basics, Love and fear.

I call love and fear the basics because every choice that we make with our free will is made based on one of these. The point that's missed in this is that fear is an illusion. I'll speak about that first. The human mind is fertile ground for creation thru thought.

Everything that is known to you and everyone else on this globe started as just a thought. Whatever device you're reading this from right now was only a thought at one time. Whatever we can think of we can bring into our physical existence and make "real".

The fear gene that we have created was a product of past ancestors that needed it for survival. Now that our survival is more placed in our own hands for most cases, that active fear gene has evolved into its own and has become a hindrance to life instead. When you have a fear of something, that fear is only in you. Its an illusion that you have created based on either past situations, stories, or something that might happen in the future. So that means that your fear has no meaning in the present where life is happening. It is an illusion that will pass as soon as you recognize it as such.

This should help you understand the reason why fear plays the opposite to love instead of the more commonly misquoted hate. Hate is only a byproduct of fear. And when its understood that fear is absolutely nothing then it is easy to see it as opposite of love which is absolutely everything. God is all and God is Love. Our natural state of being is love. We get side tracked with many things on this physical plane but our true self remains intact within. Love is our reality, so when given our many times to make a choice, it must be made with the motivation of love and not fear.

When making choices based on fear you give it power and give it validity. But no matter how much belief is put into fear it will always produce nothing but more illusions and eventually they will cave and cause more of the suffering you thought you were escaping.

When making your choices based on love, you make that choice with the backing of the most righteous reality. At times those decisions are hard and the immediate outcome may not feel like a cause for celebration but this is what it is to have courage and faith in life itself.

Perfect love cast out all fear. So learn what love truly is and live as you were created to. Fearlessly

I appreciate the time you have spent with me. Thank you. With Love, JI

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