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Make The Look Loveable

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

It's no such words of, it's to late you'll never be put on

to the given plan of the Creator, or you missed that

valuable lesson so now your not included this year

for God's, blessings.

The best beneficial news is, that God leaves no person

unattended to about His Plans, everyone will travel either

on the high or low road in the hereafter.

News flash people God know all, sure you will be tested and some of

them test will strengthen your beliefs, faith and add values to your

travels of being dressed down with many opportunities of gained

knowledge and understandings that will assist who you are, what

you truly believe in, and what motives you.

It's no fun or a joy in not knowing, I come in peace sharing truth

that faith, and belief are on there way, I promise that fact, but it's

you who have to do all the mathematics of being a believers.

The people who truly love you gives you great support due to

the anew that God has in planted within your heart.

The sound knowledge, to the understanding of truth becomes the

clearly guidance of your journey, it better then doubtful thoughts and

unenriched actions of our pass.

In the other life we know how people get down, but someone gave

you their understanding, time and shared knowledge.

You must do the same, leaving people you speak with the same jewels,

motivation to act in the now, to assist if the knowledge of a need

is presented clearly, we always do what we can.

A silent law, "The Good Looking Out Policy," be about this real business.

In one way or another you have performed, or received this kindness

that's from a persons heart that cared.

"The good looking out policy", just being spontaneous, there's are no


What you do is between you and God.


Just staying on highway time, doing 60%.

People you know the comment box was created just for your words,

just keep it real in saying how you really feel...

Take Care.


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