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The distance between where you are and where you want to be

is an intention.

Certainly true with regard to taking responsibility for your own

happiness, with you developing the intentions of doing so.

As you start this journey you must first make it your priority to

analyzing yourself with truth.

And I can promise you the rewarding of the principles will

manifest into your words and actions.


Inner directed people.

I call these kinds of people "becoming", because they know that their life is a series of choices, and that they are in charge of those choices and decisions that are made.

Taking personal responsibility means becoming a "inner-directed" person.

To be an inner-directed person means you give the time to

analyzing yourself for the many answers that's within.

In trusting your own intuition and wisdom over and above anyone else's opinions, and to follow what's within your heart.

Most of us have witnessed, or experienced the mind playing tricks.

Being in-tune within our hearts comes with the guidance of many imperative life tools that God gives.

Ok I ask you, are you in tune within yourself?

Taking responsibility means becoming you.

"To be" means to do the work that makes and brings better

within your world and yourself.

"Becoming" people understand that they have choices in how to interpret,

how to think, how to respond, how to behave, and how to change something if it isn't working in the correct fashion.

"inner directed" people take responsibility for their happiness, they never feel like "the move" or a victim.

People who feel their lives are determined by, or dependent on other people, don't have control of what's going on within them, a person's confusion is created by a thought that should never get airtime.

I have never met a happy or content person who isn't "inner directed", and I never expect to.

Outer directness is entirely inconsistent with happiness.

After all, happiness comes from within a person, not from the behavior of others or certain circumstances.


I'm hoping the people is enjoying my words, I ask the people how

can I be better with my writings?

Please People Give Time to Leaving Your Opinions, Thought's, and Feelings, Or Just To Say Hello.

$teve Anderson#28831

(aka $. Anderson)

Pt 2 coming soon.

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