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This subject is so in lighting, that it's my duty to rush Pt-2

your way, on a one-day late note.

The first step in becoming a genuinely happy person, then, is to make a

lifetime commitment to becoming more inner directed then you already are at this time.

Each of us has experienced a great deal of disapprovals in our lives,

for many of us, a vast majority of these disapproval has come from

the people we love and care about, family and friends, Wow.

I have been tested with situations that never of been, yes by family and friends, wow.

The changes I have made to my life I now ponder upon the given

sanctions before I hand them out.

That's very new to me, the old

Steve gave no real time with thinking matters out, I just know what

had to be done to save face or make a point.

But today the best sanction is a dismissal, cause people uncut disrespect, of disloyalty cannot be repaired.

The old Steve would of did things so differently that it would of

made the any others rethink their plan about me being the move.

Caring and loving, gives other's a unspoken power of your decision making, but it's the laws of respect and understanding comes first just as

loyalty in truth.

Strangers have no reason to disrespect a person, or be the start of a situation that spells out problems that you'll have to fix or deal with.

Now for some strange reason family and friends act like it’s their right

to bring confusion into a person’s life.

Unfortunately, there is no way to pleasing everyone all the time, in

fact just being yourself is never against the law.

Walking on dry land with the beliefs and understanding that states, I come in peace, as my words of truth.

Inner directed people know that disapproval is inevitable.

A person of respect never seeks out misunderstandings, but we know their created with the passing of time.

Far more important to an inner-directed person is to feel good

about himself or herself and the decisions he or she makes.

An inner-directed person asks themselves many times a day, “How do I feel about this?”

Is this what I really want to be doing?

An inner-directed people are willing to listen to others, and give their

best at all times, I will always do what I can, being nice and fair is

free, just as giving or receiving good understanding.

Because they don't feel defensive or threatened when someone disagrees, or sees differently, a person listens and evaluate, easily and peaceful, without an inordinate amount of emotional distraction.

Inner directed people have learned that they will never get the approval consistently they expect or want from others, so they have simply

decided to stop being so concerned about it.

Instead, they turn inward for their own approval, the best building of

your self-esteem comes from U.

Being yourself should be a joy within and every day if starting today, "sobe."

Meaning: Of "Sobe" ~{right now)

People fact given God, created you and He loves you just the way

you are, that's with bringing out the best of your abilities and praising and

being thankful to God, and when done knowly wrong give time to seeking

God's forgiveness.


Take Care, and have a lovely day, smiling is a part of that accomplishment.

Last Thoughts:

Self-love stems from an inner sense of security ~ the quite knowledge that you're a special person with unique talents and gifts offered to the world and many hearts and souls.

Take Care.

Steve Anderson-288318


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