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Updated: Jan 19, 2022


We are F.R.O. (Filthy Rags Outreach™), men ranging from 18- 70 yrs of age who have found ourselves displaced in life and separated from society because of many bad choice that we have made in the past.

Today, I, Alphonso Bell, visionary and founder of this ordinary group of men, stretch forth and extend my hands through concrete walls, and over barded wire fences in search of some REAL MEN to come behind these prison walls from all walks of life TO DO LIFE WITH US. To do life with us in mentorship, therapeutic counseling, Fatherhood, Brotherhood, or even just as a simple Friend. This is what we so desperately need as we are, as I like to say "becoming men" because despite our age and the various stages we may be at so many of us are learning so late in life what is important now.

Many of my fellow brothers have been incarcerated since their youth, and now in their early and late thirties, and some in their forty, dont even know what the perspective of a man is in todays society because there are no men in our lives to speak to these issues, only women. So many see the world from a matriarch perspective and not from a patriarch's perspective, and it's sad, but its true.

Thats why I plead for REAL MEN of service to step up, stand out and speak out and support this Outreach of helping "becoming men" break through uncomfortable conversational barriers while building bridges back to the communities they will someday return to once justice is served on both ends of the bridges--inside out and outside.

This only works with the COLLECTIVE work of men from the outside, because we here on the inside can't give each other what we dont have, and often only give each other what we do have, which is the type of misguidance that rendered us displaced in the first place. We're learning life on the fly when other men have soared in many areas we only desire. Come today, pour into us so we may keep those around us afloat in encouragement even while incarcerated.

Thank you much and please consider to be a voice of action by connecting.

Mr. Alphonso Bell

Entrepreneurial Of The Spirit

Visionary and Founder F.R.O

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