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"Missing The Bishop Voice Of Wisdom In Time Like These"....

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I read an article today about this Bishop Lawrence Robertson and it made my soul cry for what he was to our community the article mention Bishop as the rainbow of our community and my thoughts where he was the Rainbow of Redemption to a community that was in desperate need of a Visionary in which he was .I know no one can fill his shoes as the Bishop. I will do my best to walk in his footsteps everyday after my release from captivity. Why ? some may ask because he was The Father in the community I never had with my mother (Qunicella Johnson) being a single mother of his congregation for 20years before her passing away on the Washington State Ferry at Coleman Dock pleaded with him for decades to disciple me in the faith in all I had not listen to the Voices of reasoning and he was one of them along with Elder Timothy Thomas. The Last Sermon I heard the Bishop preach was January 2011 about the man that sat by the pool for 38yrs asking for others to help him get healed of his infirmities and it did not dawn on me until I was in the Perice County Jail for a senseless murder and sentenced to 38yrs in prison that, that man by the pool was me he was speaking to. Nine years later I have surrender my life and false identity, insercurties to the Higher power and willing to tell of my defeat so others will have victory in our community and thats what I will do in honor of the the Bishop Lawrence Robertson till God calls me home to be with Him and my Queens Quincella Johnson and Georgia Ann Gunzer Bell in Glory. Mr. Alphonso Bell

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