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Quincella The Queen Sits In Heaven

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Sends Us A Love Message ......

As I sit in heaven and watch you everyday. I try to let you know with signs I never went away. I hear you when you're laughing, And watch you as you sleep. I even place my arms around you. To calm you as you weep. I see you wish the days away. Begging to have me home. So I try to send you signs, So you know you're not alone. Don't feel guilty that you have a Life that was delayed by my death, Just do all you can to celebrate those you have left. Nellie, Alphonso and Chris. Life has to go on as it Did when my own mother passed from here on Her way Home. Babies Mama in Heaven now knowing eternity is all that will last. Heaven is truly beautiful ,Just you wait and see. So live your life, laughing again, Enjoy yourself, being free. Then I know with every breath you take. You''ll be taking one for me.....

I share with the world today How a Mother's prayers can be answered in Her absence. And with the Hope that my daughters will eternalize this lesson because. Because I can't celebrate my Mother's Life without celebrating My Ex-Wife Georgia Ann Gunzer Bell, Because these two Angels was the God that I worship before I found Christ love in His Death, Burial and Resurrection.

Mr. Alphonso Bell

Evangelist Of The Essence

Visionary and Founder of


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