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In the discourse of Jesus with the Samaritan woman in John's gospel account chapter four. There are a few things that stand out for me. First, Jesus' humanity is evident in the sixth verse.

" and Jesus, tired from the long walk, sat wearily beside the well at noon time."

This brings to mind what we read in the book 2:4-11. The word tells us that He (Christ) humbled Himself taking the fullness of our humanity upon himself. We see that play out for us here in John four. Jesus tired out. Sounds crazy right. This is encouraging. when we are tired out and at the end of our humanity Jesus knows what we're feeling. He knows when we need his assistance and when we need to exert our own efforts that we might grow.

The second thing I see here is the difference between religion and spirituality. One is hard and unforgiving. The other light and easy and full of pardon and understanding. The verse that drove this home for me was 13-14. It shows the difference between trusting in our own efforts and the mercy of God. If when we find ourselves tired of the things that are holding us down, we turn to God and let him remove them. Then we will be filled with the waters of life. And the light of God's Spirit in us will flow out to other thirsty souls through our trust and reliance on Him. If the peace we have with God comes through our own efforts. Then at some point it will all come crashing down on us. we might find ourselves in a worst position than before. The problem with working to get right with God is that we can never in our own power and strength do enough. The truth is. Nothing pleases God more than we we trust and relay on His love and mercy for us :-)

Q :-)

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