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Updated: Jul 31, 2021

To all my Family, Friends, and People who support me and stood by me. I would like to announce to everyone that a book was released on Amazon today that i help work on. The book is called Escaping Yesterday. I would ask that everyone tell a friend because this book was made in prison by an inspired friend of mines to do something better with his life. When he told me he was going to do the book I offered my last 2 years proofreading and offering my subtle opinion. This book could be a big success with word of mouth from all of you. Escaping Yesterday is about an Ex-Convict who struggles to escape connections with his past associates and old debts left unpaid. The book is written by a former Mule for the Juarez Cartel, who escaped the life and dared to succeed even while still behind bars. The story while fictional, includes true life events and situations that he endured while trapped in Mexico.

Washington State Law says you cannot write your true story while incarcerated, so Escaping Yesterday is a fictional account of my fiends struggle. In closing i would just like to add that I am still front line for Legislative agenda's and i pushed this man hard to do this book because i want the world to see that most incarcerated are not the worst mistake they ever made. I will still be pushing other brotha's to not let these walls stop us from achieving our goals. I will be starting a Non Profit very soon to help men of color be able to afford legal services as my commitment to the people. And god willing i will be allowed to come home in 2024. Peace and Power to the People …. ROBB

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