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What's your position on rasicm and racial justice

Filthy Rags Outreach first and foremost understands the system of racism that has taken Our neighborhoods, Our Black owned businesses, and systematically they've taken the Black Man from the household, in most cases leaving the women to fend for themselves. That alone was the design of the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. FILTHY RAGS OUTREACH cannot just do gang prevention/intervention without addressing and dismantling a key racist component that's been put in place to stop Black Excellence from prevailing.

Most of us men have already attended the undoing racism course provided by The Village Of Hope. We are able to see the designs through a racial lens. We have started offering more political education through the prison walls in hopes of educating these young men, but most of our contributions have been out of pocket. 1 thing we understand about Black Men is that we need to operate with the same information and resources to install trust.

To give an example of our outside work with racism, we recently worked with a lady name Sheryl whose daughter was murdered in Bremerton Washington. Sheryl feels discriminated against by the legal system because her daughter was Black and her kids are Black. Filthy Rags Outreach wants to work directly with victims of violence as well we mobilized our outside peoples to provide legal support as well as community support. We will stand with Sheryl to fight this Court System of racism. We will help her fill the courtrooms and skypes so that these people know we are serious about racial equality.

It is definitely imperative that all of our team has that undoing racism training, but right now with high cost we cannot afford any more training at this time. We continue to fight racism as me mobilized units to the court houses to advocate for a lot of these men for resentencing. We have also reached out to some organizations that are suppose to be for the people, but are strongly aligned with the STATUS QUO and groups that continue to perpetuate oppression. Filthy Rags Outreach is a gang outreach, but the Racial Justice has to be part of the narrative.

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