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Robert Hampton - Testimonies Tide Too The Turf... 2° from the Streets.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Filthy Rags Outreach is what the streets are missing. Its pure and uncut. We've seen this pure and uncut before and how it destroyed our communities and now its time to bring a different pure and uncut to the hood and see if we can correct the wrongs we helped perpetuate. I think outside of the word (God's word/bible/scripture) we still have street guys in a room still trying to figure ourselves out. We're able to understand because we can relate. So then you have those that have the word of God to add to the conversation. This has never been done in a prison setting in a spiritual sense with this type of men (former gang members) know where in the U.S to my knowledge. My fear is that it will be stolen from us, or watered down. So I know I need to stay involved. Do I think everyone is perfect with the group ? No ! But one week the message was come where you are. I also heard meet people where they are at and those are powerful concepts. I just know for myself I have found some good things I now utilize not only within the word sense but I've noticed some good positive Leaders as well. We are on a journey. And what else is very unique about Filthy Rags Outreach is, I Muslim and others like myself are invited and I can accept the word and that's a whole other level of self examination I had to accept where as I may not have if it weren't for F.R.O.

Robert Hampton 46 yrs old Portland, Oregon

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