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Saved My Life....

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

When my son Lil Robb came we had a great visit, he's beautiful, he's bright, but my crime of murder had him halfway fending for self, but we're here. He graduated, college, and like me he entered the car business. I tell him he's just like me but smarter and God's got my son. I now know becuz of Filthy Rags Outreach why I had that dream and why I went to prison, and how I will come back to save my people. I know that my Grandma ( MARY FRANCIS HAMPTON BAILEY) was a Christian Women and is with Jesus and if I plan to see her again There Is Only 1 Way and its thru Jesus. I will see my Homeys grandma ( Bernice Dunn) and My Cousin (Stephen Howell) again. I now know that God didn't turn on me and he didn't let me down. HEY SAVED MY LIFE. Now I got to save lives. My biggest fear in life is I may never find my soulmate, but I'm hope'n that God will give me a 2nd chance with a women of understanding. My Homeys from the hood know where I stand. They know I wanna save lives. In our neighborhood I'm noticing that the Homeys kids are getting killed and my Youngest son who's mom was also shot by gang members is in a gang. He has zero understanding of what he's involved in and he doesn't listen. He has no reason to be in a gang, he's been spoon fed his whole life. I leave it in Gods hands but I'm realistic and know someday I won't be so lucky. But I am apart of FILTHY RAGS OUTREACH becuz of Alphonso Bell and Charles Champion and I hope my testimony and Alpohonso's can help people make better decisions. There's no real loyalty and just know that guys in this prison system are making spreads with opposition gangs, laughing, eating and playing basketball with cats that knocked down their Homeys. I know if I did something like that my dead Homeys would be turning over in their graves, I also know that I watch these guys shake hands and honour (RATS) with gang signs. THIS AINT WORTH YOU LIFE. I thank you for your time.

Robert Hampton 708710

Stafford creek corrections Center

Aberdeen Was 98520

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