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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Nothing, per se, is extraordinary about me. I am a simple unworthy old man trying to survive in an young man's world. An old man who, while young and youthful, committed cataclysmic crimes and mistakes resulting in catastrophic victimization to human beings and their concomitant families. As such I will serve the rest of my life in prison. From this perspective it is genuinely sad that part of society, much of the community and many family members lose faith in some of their young children for a multitude of reasons. The resulting abandonment of the child's sense of community coalesced with the direct lack of edification for a basic valid value system propels them into survivor mode which catapults them to an introduction into the criminal or gang lifestyle. These lost and confused children are then judged as uncivilized, by the self-proclaimed civilization of perfection. These adjudicated uncivilized children are rejected as mentally insignificant or deficient by an archaic esoteric process to be banished into the human cesspool of squalid festering hatred and destitution. For years, if not for the rest of their lives, scratching out a meager existence of survival in the inhumane landfill of broken souls and shattered dreams. They live with me in the banishment compounds of the uncivilized, surrounded by barbed wire, concrete walls and lethal gun towers.

I said that to say this, it is extraordinary for the civilized world of free-people, to have given up on their children, and to have judged them to be too uncivilized to live amongst the civilized. To the judged child being incarcerated, the magnitude of this rejection is staggering and more devastating than death. Death is final, but rejection into banishment by society is a continuous never ending nightmare. To exacerbate the egregious rejection, it is extraordinary that the civilized free-world send their children to me, a convicted uncivilized multiple murderer, to raise. They send their clichéd future representatives to receive the perspicacity of life from me. It is extraordinary that the free-people expect me to raise their children, and instill a value system into their children to render them civilized. It is extraordinary that I am expected to help their children to survive on a daily basis in the cesspool of humanity. I am expected to esoterically and clandestinely succeed where their civilized parents, with unlimited resources, failed. It is extraordinary that I am expected to turn uncivilized children into civilized young men while I am denied proper and adequate resources, with absolutely no authority, perform without a mandate, and contend with fluctuating release dates assigned by a flawed criminal justice system. It is extraordinary that these punished, abandoned and abused children are expected to succeed upon release, upon their return to the civilized world that rejected them, with training and education from me. This is truly extraordinary. Of course this scathing dissertation DOES include, not just your children, but also the innocent, the mentally challenged, and the physically handicapped who are unable to defend themselves against the big government machine and became collateral damage of criminal justice system.

These cherished children representing the future of your society will return to your vaunted and touted civilized society on some random date determined by a nonscientific equation of the time conundrum which magically renders them civilized. Originally these young men were classified as far too uncivilized to walk the streets, eat in restaurants, or to purchase groceries at Safeway. Then, suddenly without a whisper or a tear, on a particular day, years later, these same criminals become welcome in your neighborhoods, around your young children, and able to frequent the same haunts as you. You welcome them into your city of civilization with a celebration of a Greyhound bus ticket and $40 cash. Your designed equation for failure blankets these lost, broken and abandoned young men as their feelings of rejection manifests itself into another installment of old criminal behavior as the worthless prison programs were clearly a fallacy designed to line the pockets of the those who cast judgments with impunity.

You discard your youth to exist with the plethora of other anonymous children adjudicated as uncivilized in their confusing anger of amplified pain, from abandoned rejection, with no purposeful or meaningful outlet. By all accounts a complete and total denial of the actual recognition of their pain from their shattered and fragmented soul. And peace or redemption are illusionary fictions weaved into half truths to instill false hope to tamp down the masses thristing for a glimpse of fleeting sanctuary that evaporates through their fingers like smoke.

These sad children of yours, adjudicated as uncivilized, are denied sanctuary amongst civilized people by the threat of lethal gun towers, an enforced banishment from the human race.

Your children are bering forcibly separated from loved ones, their family, and the community by a dull meat cleaver, the cavalier gavel of criminal adjudication. Thereby rendering the ones you claim to love as socially unacceptable and in need of punishment by total strangers who invoke their own personal agenda with a tainted and skewed perspective. Your silence and lack of action is the tacit approval allowing total strangers to disparagingly separate your children from you, from civilization, and destroy their futures.

Those who claim perfection have judged your children, who represent your future, as uncivilized and banished them to the inhumane warehouse of lost souls and broken spirits. It is I who must gather the fragments of your devastation and reconstruct a living person acceptable to your standards to be released back into a Janus-faced society so they have an opportunity to succeed. Truly, this is extraordinary.


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